Jokes: $50 is $50

Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.

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An older couple is at a airplane fair. The old husband just loves planes and is dying to take a spin in one. However his wife is cheap and has set their spending limit to $50.00. They already spent that amount during the course of the day. The husband notices a sign that says "Escorted Flights for $50.00" Seeing this the old man is overjoyed (Damn that's cheap).

He goes to his wife: "Honey, lets do this flight thing"

Wife: "No, $50.00 is $50.00"

The pilot notices the look of disappointment on the old man face and approaches the couple...

"I'll let the both of you fly for free. The only condition is that you can't talk or make any noise while we are in the air. If you do than I'll charge you the $50.00"

The old man's wife thinks a bit "All right, that will save us $50.00. $50.00 is $50.00"

The pilot and the couple goes up in the air. The old man is having a grand time. The pilot even wows him more by doing some turns and aviation acrobats.

When they land the pilot notices that the wife is not in the plane. "Hey, what happened to your wife?"

The old man replies, "She fell out of the plane"

Shocked at his point blank response "Well, why didn't you say anything?"

The old man... "$50.00 IS $50.00"