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About me

Hello, my name is Andrew DeFaria. Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

Well I'm still in California. After having travelled to Dallas, Phoenix, Seattle, Reston and after reminding myself how much I didn't like the East coast I'm back in good ole San Jose, California! Enjoying the climate, mountains and wine. But San Jose didn't last and I finally made it down to beautiful San Diego! And I'm loving it! I'm 2 miles from the beach, which is great, there's plenty of interesting hiking, lovely weather and a great new contract.

Before that I moved across the country to Reston, VA to take up a contract with Fannie Mae. Alas, after a few weeks the contract lost its funding.

Prior to that it was off to the Great White North I guess - really the Pacific Northwest. I've taken a contract in Seattle and am moving up there for 2010. New year - new place.

I also managed to upgrade my car to a brand new 2008 Chevy Corvette! That's all the pictures I have of it so far as I lost my good camera and only have my cell phone camera. The car is wonderful with lots of power and creature comforts.

Last year I was working at Texas Instruments and moved from California, where I lived for some 20 years, back to Dallas. It was a lot cheaper to live there. I've had some health issues of late but am doing much better now.

Before moving to Dallas I was working at HP Information Lifecycle Management Solutions up in Pleasanton.


And as the picture shows I'm a guitarist. Click on the picture to see a photo album of my previous bands or see Band for more detail. News flash! The cast of Cast of Shadows are working on new stuff. More on that when it arrives!


Of course one must have their Photos online for those who want to take a peek at you and your family. Pictures do help to get a better sense of another person. I have a whole bunch of photos arranged into albums using Gallery which is an open source PHP package for managing photos into albums on a web site.

Then there is the Family section which is basically about my daughter Danielle.


At some point I need to fix up the section about my Corvette. Actually most of it is about my first vette and very little about my second one. Alas they are both gone now!

But true to the phoenix name, from the ashes arises a new Corvette! Alas it only highlight the need to further update the Corvette section...

Quicken 2000

I used to run the Unofficial Quicken Web Page but haven't been updating that since around 2000. There is still some good information in there though.

MAPS - My own Spam filter

MAPS, or Mail Authorization and Permission System, is my email filtering system. I get a lot of email - typically about 5000 emails a week! - and only about 1% of it is email that I want. Being bombarded by spam like that makes one protect themselves. MAPS will eventually be available for anybody to use but is currently still in development. Stay tuned...


Jokes is just a section where I can put together various lists of jokes and funnies that I've found over the years.


Also, I'm into web logging and learning Cascading Style Sheets so check out my Weblogs...