Spam Elimination System

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Username: Specify a username to log into MAPS
Full name: Specify your full name
Email Address: Your email address is used if you are a Tag & Forward user. This is the email address that MAPS  will forward your email to after it tags it. This email address is also used in case you forget your password so that we can email you your password.
Password: Choose a password greater than 6 characters
Repeat Password: Re-enter your password so we can be sure you typed it correctly
MAPSPOP User: Yes No MAPSPOP users need to download MAPSPOP. See Using MAPSPOP for more information.
Keep history for:
 days This specifies how many days of history that MAPS will keep before discarding returned messages.
Dates in Stats Page
This specifies how many days are displayed in the MAPS Stats Page.
Entries per page:
This specifies how many entries are displayed per page in the online MAPS Reports.
Tag & Forward: Yes No Tag and Forward means that MAPS will not filter or save any email for you. Instead it will simply add an X-MAPS header to your email indicating what MAPS would have done with the email. This allows you to filter your email in your local email client.