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Never ceases to amaze me how women don't understand that ignoring people is rude. I've had them say such things as "Well if I don't respond then you should get the message". Oh I get the message alright. You're just another rude bitch who disrespects others by ignoring them. Let's face facts: Nobody likes being ignored. Nobody like hanging on waiting for a response nor getting their hopes up. You're responsibility girls is to fucking communicate!!! You say you're better communicators. Great. Then fucking announce it! I've been know to say that if women want men to know that "no" means "no" then it's incumbent on them to fucking at least say it!

Look, I'm not saying you have to field requests from every asshole out there. But if a guy comes along and politely expresses interest to ignore him is the same as being a conceited bitch. The polite response is to say "Sorry but I'm not interested". It takes less than 30 seconds to do so. You can't even spend 30 seconds to let somebody who just stuck his neck out and is waiting for a response? If not then the message you are sending is not one you think you are sending. The message that is being received is you're one fucking stuck up bitch!

Here's a nice example of this and my response: On POF.com, I sent my standard polite request to Minenotyours (Perhaps the username should have tipped me off):

Hi....yea..I don't typically responded if I'm not interested. ..kinda the good thing about "online"....saves the while rejection/guilt ...but since you requested, thank you very much but I'm not interested :( sorry and good luck out there!

And here's my response:

I see so normally you're just rude. Got it.

You see nobody likes to be ignored and while it may feel guilty to you to say that you're not interested in somebody, it is indeed your polite responsibility to do so. That's how the man/woman relationship works, sweetheart. I'd much rather be told there's no interest than to be ignored! Most guys I talk to agree. I can only hope that you are ignored for the rest of your life so that you can learn this important lesson. To hide behind the internet and ignore people disrespects the other person. It's amazing to me why women don't know this. Apparently your mom never done taught you no manners! Look, I stick my neck out every day, many times a day, and you hide behind the internet ignoring polite requests. What does that make me? (Considering I do so politely - a gentleman) And what does that make you? Think about it.

It doesn't make me mad that you rejected me rather it makes me mad that you think it's OK to rudely ignore people!

I would say "good luck" but instead I'm thinking it'd be great if you got ignored by 1/2 of the people that routinely and rudely ignore men! Most women are misandrists and they wonder why men, in utter frustration, resort to misogyny. This is one reason why girls...

Gawd forbid I ask how you came up with the determination that you weren't interested in me considering you didn't even bother to visit my profile! Yeah I know because otherwise POF would have showed me that you visited. Nah you just looked at the pictures and made the same judgement call that you probably **** that men make and rejected me based on looks alone. Wonderful. Bam, I just proved that you are as bad as the men you complain about. How does that make you feel sweetie? Well honey, you just live with that. I know I'm much better than you deserve!

'Tis quite amazing how women complain about men just basing things off of looks when it's clear that I just busted this chick doing exactly the same thing!

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