Adventures in Online Dating

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Man I haven't posted here in a while. I've been doing some serious attempts at online dating and I decided to write about some of my experiences here. Last time I did online dating was back when started. I had a free account. In fact I had a few free accounts and I used to do some social experiments there. Why? Well because online dating worked so badly back then. Alas, it has really not gotten much better and I'm convinced the reason for this is that people, human nature, hasn't changed.

So far my results seem to mimic this guy's analysis. And while he seems sad he's right on. And yes, facing constant rejection and constantly being ignored makes you sad.

But girls here's a few tips from guys, or at least this guy:

  1. Please don't post only pictures of sunsets and skies and puppies, etc. We know you like them but guys are visual and what we are interested in is you, not your puppy or your last trip to the Grand Canyon. The question we are trying to answer is can we envision ourselves making love to you for the next few years and not anybody else. If we can't look at you and feel aroused at all then chances are a relationship will never blossom. And girls, you feel the same way too but you will never admit it.
  2. Short profiles or profiles that say just about nothing. I've seen many profiles of women with 3-7 pictures of them looking sexy, showing cleavage and leg and the like with the profile saying "I'm not into looks" or "not looking to hook up". Really? And that's the way you advertise yourself? Honestly? All we have to go by are a bunch of sexy photos so that's the image we see. And you know this.
  3. Saying "Not looking to hook up" or "Not into friends with benefits". All men know this. All men know that's what you want to believe and yet many men "hook up" and have FWB. And many men are looking for long term relationships and are not looking just to "hook up" but to "hook up" often, repeatedly and do other things (sometimes called dating) and will respond positively. If you really want a man who is not into sex might I suggest trying the gay online dating...
  4. Serial dating: Women will say "if you're a serial dater then move along". Hmmm... I'd think you'd be more concerned with the parallel daters not the serial daters. But women have confused the term, the phrase, and have taken it over to mean somebody who is not serious about dating or dates for a few, like until he gets laid, then breaks up and finds somebody else. Women, do you truly think that if a man has sex with you and your as gorgeous as you claim to be, good in the sack, etc. that the man will say "Well that was fantastic but I must break up with you now. I wouldn't want to have all that good sex with a beautiful woman who has her act together and is kind, nice, etc.". I mean what man would want that?!?
  5. What's up with the pictures of you shooting a gun? Do you think that men find that attractive? "Ya know Buck, she was gorgeous, nice personality, great body and all but I can't be with her because she doesn't shoot guns!".
  6. Here's a clue girls - if you say you don't like it when a man messages you "Hey, what's up" or other short messages that say really nothing then you can bet that if you do the same thing - send a one word message like "Hey" - we won't like it either. Note to self, if a woman does this more than two times she's not communicative and not ready to date. She'll probably fade away from you too. Cut your losses and move on!

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