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Well I have been blogging my status over on my status blog but I think it's time for a few entries over here.

I've been growing increasingly disheartened by Ameriquest. Yeah I know it's a typical "business" environment but usually I can get by by just ignoring all that. Unfortunately Ameriquest is more like the military than just a bunch of confused manager wanna be's.

Anyways, I made the mistake of talking to the lady who runs the PMO web site asking about the capabilities of the web server, which, of course, totally confused her. When I mentioned that I have been developing an application to capture a user's Clearcase information and to assist them in reporting problems she just about steamed up and told me in no uncertain terms that such an application must be OKed (code for you ain't doing it unless you get a mandate and you will do it our way) by the higher ups. This combined with the fact that I simply wanted to use my preferred email client and other software has been coming to a head such that Babu finally told me to remove all those useful utilities.

So Cygwin, Mozilla, Thunderbird, Trillian, et. al. are all gone now. I'm left with a totally crappy environment and quite frankly just a bad attitute and taste in my mouth for Ameriquest. Standard is better than better and don't you dare do anyting useful are the mottos of the day. OK fine. Then I'll just sit on my butt trying to think of the appropraite point and click madness necessary to acomplish simple tasks if that's what they want to pay me for. Mean time it's time to look for another job. This one sucks - big time...

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