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Continued recovery

Home Recovery Continues

Cindy arrived and as usual the girls started to gab more and more. Meantime I continue to recover. It's great to have good home cooking and people to take care of me. But I concentrate on getting better, doing my walks. Being on the 3rd floor here means my walks are confined to the 3rd floor level. Back and forth, back and forth and getting boring. Slowly I added a flight of steps occasionally. Eventually I am able to go down and up all 3 flights of steps.

Now I can go down to the bottom and walk to the apartment office, check my mail, etc. Tomorrow I'm gonna try the treadmill in the workout gym by the office. My initial goal will be simple - 3 1/2 minutes at least. I gotta be doing better than before the operation! Maybe I can work that up a little to 5 or 10 minutes eventually.

Meantime I've caught a little cold - a sore throat - which sucks because coughing is still very difficult. Slowly my pains have been getting smaller and confiding themselves to my chest incision. Immediately after the operation I felt like my chest was in three separate places at once. Now I feel a lot more whole in my chest than before. Still they much break the breastbone to get in there and they tell me I have metal rods and screws holding things back together. I guess getting through airport security will be problematic for me from now on

Went out to White Rock Lake Park the other day and it was nice to get outside. I can walk pretty good and pretty far on flat levels - good thing Texas' is largely flat! - but I still get winded going up the stairs. Additionally, with this chest cold my lung capacity is diminished somewhat. I try to keep doing my breathing exercises to keep my lungs going well. Hopefully this cold will pass soon. A lot of Texas right now is getting the flu and I have not had flu shots (generally I don't get them) as flu shots were not a good idea to do with surgery. Hopefully I will not get the flu.

Work's still not an option and I haven not seen my surgeon nor cardiologist yet - that's next week. Texas Instruments requires that I'm out at least 4 weeks and, like a little kid, I have to return with a note from the doctor. It's interesting because TI actually deactivates my login ID to prevent me from working. I guess it's all for the best. Jeff, my boss, says that they've extended me until May, which is good but what happens after that? I mean I just got a couple of large bills to pay.


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