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Sorry I've been taking my time responding. Truth be told the reason is, although you might not believe me, I don't actually like complaining! I'd much rather have nothing to complain about. But my personality type is also that I will not sit idly by when I have problems I shouldn't have to and/or can see improvements that can be made.

I have been making a list and I've decided to keep it on my server so I can amend and update it as time goes by.

However, the following is something I'd like to have taken care of quickly (it was #4 on my list but that may shift around a bit when I finally publish):

  1. I've had a problem logging into this - a totally separate website to manage my one business credit card. My account had been locked. I called up and complained. I was told that somebody - perhaps you - was supposed to get back to me to resolve the issue. It's been almost 3 weeks now, no followup, no phone calls, no email, nothing!

Basically I've had not been able to log in to that site to pay my business visa. Please fix, contact me or whatever as my next invoice is about to be paid and my plan was to pay that off then.

See "Continued reading" for the real skinny!

Note: You do not want to become like my last bank Wells Fargo

Southbound Silicon Beach

Looks like I'm moving to LA! Or more precisely Marina del Rey. I have a
new contract with ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Names
and Numbers - the people who hand out internet IPs and DNS). That's
exciting! Silicon Beach as they say. And I'll be closer to San Diego,
my guitar playing and non-guitar playing friends out there. Perhaps
Randal and I can ride share to Mexico on occasion. Shout out to my
friends in Mexico! Hey Ed! You zombie chaser you! And Charles...

Marina del Rey seems to be a wonderful place - right by Venice Beach,
Santa Monica as well as other beach communities. And my new place looks
fantastic with ocean views...

Right by the marina:

My mother always said she envisioned me living by the beach. Well Mom,
this is as close as I've come so far! Miss you Mom! It's the Wild,
Wild West... Doing my best

Everybody take care and have a great summer!

If a recruiter is telling you he's only making like $10-$15/hr above the rate he's offering you then he's probably lying. The industry standard is anywhere from 20-75% markup. This means that for a rate of $90/hr the staffing firm is billing the client anywhere from $108/hr to $150/hr.</>


Typical markups range from as low as 20% to 50% or more


In general, niche markets (e.g., IT) produce higher markups than do traditional staffing markets (e.g., clerical). Veigele notes that occasionally her firm's markup can approach 75 percent for a computer company client.


Once you have an hourly pay rate for the contractor, you can use an average multiplier to calculate the hourly bill rate for the company. The location of the contract assignment can affect what multiplier you use. If you are placing someone in New York the multiplier would be higher than Michigan. Multipliers usually range between 1.5 and 1.8, but they can go much higher for healthcare professionals and hard-to-fill positions.

Our tracking shows that the current average multiplier for technical and professional contract staffing throughout the United States is 1.60. For the past 10 years it has ranged from an average of 1.51 to 1.67. (Excluding healthcare contract placements.)

Note: The multiplier is defined as the quotient of the company bill rate divided by the employee pay rate. A simple example of a 1.5 multiplier would be a scenario where the bill rate is $60 per hour and the pay rate is $40 per hour. The common term for multiplier is also "mark-up."

One to watch out for

Lalaine 7:17 AM
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Kindly delete my pic pls

Andrew DeFaria 7:19 AM

OK. Sorry. Didn't mean to "steal your soul"...

Lalaine 7:31 AM

The picture is not a good thing to display buz it looks like I was annoyed with you or with the event, but I was not. I was just caught off guard.

If the pic did not show that kind of expression, then I would not mind nor would I request that you delete it. I wish you had asked my permission first when posting this 'kind' of picture. The concern is, not only it got posted and it's in everyone's emails, which such picture can be misjudged.

Please also ensure to delete every copy of this in your mobile gallery or any postings you've made on other sites (if any...). I trust that you'd respect my wishes. Thank you and have a good day.

Andrew DeFaria 8:14 AM

But you were annoyed at me for taking that picture. That's why you looked that way.

Lalaine 8:31 AM

I was not annoyed. Pls reread my email, I was caught off guard. I did still talk with you even after - remember? Did you see any annoyance in that. You've joined us quite a few times after and I was still talking with you cordially. My attitude did not change. Besides, I did not know that you actually took it cuz I started walking away and did not expect that you would post it either - if you did take it. I assumed wrong. I'm not comfortable when men are taking a 'solo' pic of me and esp a stolen pic. Yeah, it made me so uncomfortable that's why I showed that expression... Hope it does not happen again.

Andrew DeFaria 8:47 AM

What I said was exactly and literally true. You were annoyed at me - for taking that picture. Not you were annoyed at me personally and would never speak to me again. You just didn't like that I took that picture. That's all I was saying. And it was why I still talked to you and hung out with you. I found you "exotic" and lovely which is why I took the picture. I thought you were a bit pouty in the picture but I thought it looked cute nonetheless so I posted it. Sorry it bothered you. I removed it and I can assure you I will take no more pictures of you.

Lalaine 9:51 AM

I was just really uncomfortable. I find it rather odd. See, I had bad experiences from a few men before who stalked me. A while back I had to file unwanted harassment even at work and it all started by men taking a stolen solo pic of me. I'm not saying ur gonna be like that, but I'm traumatized... We can all take pics in a group. Thanks for the compliments. God bless.

Andrew DeFaria 9:55 AM

Thanks for thinking of me as a stalker first before thinking of me as just a nice man. Made me day!

The bitch then proceeded to attempt to get me thrown out of the group. My opinion: Seems like she's has issues and should not be approached. Smells like a Fatal Attraction to me. Beware!

Dealing with recruiters

I get a lot of calls from recruiters. Many are not that professional. Many don't have anything to offer me of worth. How do deal with such people? Here's my system. If you've been redirected here then you've failed the test.

What's the test? Well recruiters work with a script - so I have my own. My first line of defense is to direct them to email me the job requirements. I do this for a few reasons:

  1. To have a record of it

  2. To see if the recruiter is blacklisted

  3. To see if the recruiter is responsive enough to deal with simple instructions

You see I have my own spam filters that I've used for well over a decade now. I filter based on From address. Anybody who is not in my system gets a bounce back message telling the sender how to register with MAPS - my home grown spam filters. If the sender is on my blacklist it means that I have not had good results with this person and thus I will no longer do business with them.

Now most recruiters can't figure out this simple system that quite frankly my 85 year old aunt has no problem with! At first I thought that my bounce back message was being filtered into the recruiter's spam folder. But lately I believe that it's probably in their inbox but unread. If you've ever seen the typical Outlook user they have thousands of messages in their inbox and hundreds of them are unread. So this tells me that if I were to do business with this recruiter and I had say a problem with invoicing or receiving payment I might have my email in their inbox unread for days. I don't do business with people who are unresponsive and effectively are ignoring people. Sorry if you have a workload - I do too. And I manage to manage mine. Learn to manage your own.

If the recruiter figures it out and simply clicks and types in their name to register with MAPS the email will be delivered and I will promptly respond with my standard response asking them to quote me a rate. IFF the rate is acceptable I'll talk with the recruiter.

Passing the Bluetooth torch

I have many problems with Bluetooth not working correctly. The problem is that when it does work it's great. But when it screws up it's extremely frustrating. This should not be as hard as it is!!!

Here's my biggest problem: I have a pair of LG HBS-730's that I use all the time. I also have Bluetooth in my 2013 Camaro. Finally I have a Galaxy Note 3 phone running Android. As I approach my car I'm often listening to something on my headset. I get in the car and start it up. Now I want to "pass the Bluetooth torch" from the headset to the car.

The problem is if I start up my car but I forget to disconnect the headset form Bluetooth then the car will connect to Bluetooth but only the Phone profile - not the Media profile. At this point I cannot get the car's Media profile to connect to the phone no matter what I try! If I hit the Media profile to connect it it flashes for a second then stops. I will not connect. I can turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on. Nada. Same problem. I can put the phone into airplane mode - same problem. I could turn off the radio... turn off the car. Nothing.

Then I discovered that when I turn off the car and open the door, at that precise moment the Bluetooth connection to my phone and the Phone profile disconnects. Great. So I'll just close the door, turn on the car and I should be set right? No! Instead, in order to get my phone to connect to the Bluetooth Media profile if I committed the sin of forgetting to power off my headset before the car attempts to connect I have to turn off the car, open the door at least briefly to have the Bluetooth drop then wait anywhere between 1-3 minutes before turning the car on! This is extremely frustrating! At that point, when I turn the car back on, if the radio displays the splash screen I know it's re-initialized the Bluetooth driver such that it will connect. UGH!

Now I'd love to say to Chevy, "Hey your Bluetooth implementation sucks. Fix it!" but I have little hope that the dealer's mechanic jocks really know anything about this nor will they be able to fix it. So I've tried to get around this by using Tasker and setting a profile for "Near Bluetooth" to quickly turn off my headset so that the car can connect. The problem is Near Bluetooth and the car itself both are polling some amount of seconds looking for Bluetooth devices. So if Tasker is gonna poll in 20 seconds from now but the car is in it's polling cycle and has only 10 seconds left then the car will attempt the connection, fail and be in the bad state described above. But it Tasker is in it's cycle and is going to poll in 10 seconds and the car's gonna poll in 20 seconds then it'll work.

I've also experimented with A2DP Volume, which seems to handle this a bit better but I still experience times when it messes up.

Has anybody experienced this and has come up with a more reliable workaround?

I only run Ubuntu @Home. So I need to have my Yubikey Neo work @Home. Follow my thought process here...

I go to your website and find I download it an extract it. There are absolutely no instructions about how to install this! There is a file however it doesn't run. Hey have you heard of this great invention called the shebang line? Google it. It'll flip you out!

Sticking "python" in front of that script I get this wonderful error message:

no previously-included directories found matching 'doc/.build'

Installed /tmp/yubikey-neo-manager-0.2.5/nose-1.3.4-py2.7.egg
usage: [global_opts] cmd1 [cmd1_opts] [cmd2 [cmd2_opts] ...]
   or: --help [cmd1 cmd2 ...]
   or: --help-commands
   or: cmd --help

error: no commands supplied
Gee, what am I to make of that? Should I explore the depths of this or... Wait, there's a README... Let's look:
=== Installation
The recommended way to install this software including dependencies is by using
the provided precompiled binaries for your platform. For Windows and OS X,
there are installers available for download[here].
Wondering why a README file for a Linux installation would be talking about Windows and MAC at all!...
For Ubuntu we have a custom PPA with a package for it[here].
OK, wait a sec! Didn't I just download what I needed to install this? What's this "and now go download this from here..." crap? Further on in this README file is talk about Windows installation and Mac OS/X crap but nothing else about Linux.

OK so what's this thing? A ppa. Alright. So I set that up. Now what do I do?!? Dead end. Instructions lead to a dead end.

OK so back to that I learn I can do python install. After doing so, what? What am I supposed to do?!?

Needless to say your Linux installation leave a hellofva lot to be desired!